Princess Riddick

Princess Riddick


It all started when…

I fell in love with art. Whether it be physical art through dance, paintings, and jewelry, or verbal art, in the form of poetry. I have loved them all since I could understand them. I wouldn’t say I’m gifted in all areas but once I set my mind to learning something, I spend time harnessing the skills necessary to propel myself into the craft.

As a lover of movement, I joined my body to rhythm in 2005, becoming a part of the Dance Place Step Team. During my time on the team, I gathered knowledge of other forms of dance and got the opportunity to teach dance for Dance Place, as a Kids on the Move Hip-Hop and Step teacher (which I still teach and have a tremendous love for). The more I became able to stand on my own financially, the easier it was for me to raid the jewelry aisle in Forever 21. I grew into an earring FANATIC! I adore a good accessory to dazzle any wardrobe.

After purchasing so many, I wanted to try and make my own and here we are, ROYAL WATCH. I am so grateful to everyone who has supported my vision and instilled faith in me. I have so many unique pieces coming your way, but ROYAL WATCH is not just for jewelry, it’s my brand, it’s all of my art in one. I’m still a dancer at heart, bringing you the 8-Count Series that will consist of dance tutorials that you can do in the comfort of your home individually or with friends. There will be videos for beginners and advanced.

I hope you enjoy all that this site will give you and will continue to give in the future.

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