Thank You and Welcome!

Hey ya’ll!

Thank you so much for visiting my site and buying or not buying anything. I just appreciate the time you took to see what I’ve been up to and what I will be doing in the future. Again, this site is a culmination of me, Princey P (for those who know what’s up), and all that I am. I’m excited and anxious to keep producing items for you guys to really get a peek into what I love to do.

Now, why Royal Watch? It’s not because I make watches. It’s because my name is Princess and you guys will be watching and taking part in what I do. I’m very big on participation and engaging people, so there will be many opportunities for everybody to give suggestions, be featured on the site, be featured on my packaging (insert sunglass emoji here) and so much more! I will have hidden discount codes throughout the website so PAY ATTENTION or you’ll miss out on some cool stuff.

What you see, is not the only thing you’ll be witnessing. I’ll be uploading and releasing new material and items EVERY FRIDAY! There will be more collections, more jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, etc.), men’s items, kid’s items, clothing, home items, dance tutorials, reviews, and much more!

Now go shop! : )