RAW Artists Showcase

The showcase was amazing!

Let’s start from the beginning…

In order to participate in the showcase, you have to sell a minimum of 20 tickets. I am so grateful to everyone who purchased a ticket in support of me, even those who only bought a ticket to cover the cost of my booth but were unable to attend. My mom bought 5 tickets : ). It helped me considerably because I ended up having to purchase the last 8 tickets myself. Listen, once you start to really build your own business, your support will start to dwindle because even some of my closest friends didn’t purchase a ticket, spread the word, or even wish me well. But that’s okay. I have no ill-feelings towards anyone because the support system that I do have is really strong and I believe in myself enough (now) not to depend on that which may or may not happen. You just gotta keep it pushing.

Now, I had so much to do in so little time and it took awhile to prepare. The morning of the show, I woke up at 8 am to finish earrings. I worked all the way until it was time to leave. We get there and I’m so nervous. I still had to put on earrings backs, create labels, pricing, organize things, decide on how to set the table, etc. Fortunately, my sister Kayla came to help and I enlisted Justice to help me as well. THANK YOU LADIES!!


As we were getting close to the showtime, I noticed that I had left my lights at home. The lights are used to help see the products on your table, so I took an Uber back home to get them and took an Uber back to the Fillmore. I ended up not even using them because I had good lighting where I was stationed . Waste of money. Oh, and they put your girl at the entrance so everybody saw my table when they walked in.

When the show started, I got so nervous. The show started at 7 pm and the space started to get packed at like 7:40 pm. I was not expecting so many people to come to my table but I was so happy. My goal for any show that I attend is to sell 10 items or make $100, whichever happens first. Well, I SOLD 41 ITEMS! Many people bought two earrings. A woman by the name of Jasmine, bought one and then came back to purchase three more! My assistants played a big part in making that happen. The performances were popping, the fashion shows were popping, the other vendors were popping, the DJ was popping, and the people who attended the showcase were popping!!

To everyone who purchased an ORW item, thank you. I can’t express enough how thankful I am for you.

To everyone who supported me through this process with kind words when I felt like giving up, thank you. You mean the world to me.

Shout out to the people who helped to get me to the show: mommy, Donna, Kenneth, Mrs. G, Kayla, Latrice, Napper, Anthony,

It was a great experience and I can’t wait to do it again.